Monday, July 17, 2017

Your mind is the battleground....

“The way in which we choose to perceive and deal with stress is, after all, a tremendous market of biologic age. Studies show that those who embrace stress actually live 17 percent longer. In contrast, as measured by telomere length, it appears that people who don’t effectively manage high levels of stress age their bodies by nine to seventeen  years.” —Dr. Day
Shifting from feeling as though we are lacking and rather appreciating all that is going well is a simple way to shift your mind-set for the better. The American mind-set especially, but we are certainly not alone, tends to work more hours in order to earn more money to buy more or bigger things. But in so doing, we are ratcheting up our stress. As well, finding work you enjoy can reduce your stress level, and paradoxically, Dr. Day points out, enable you to be more productive as you are not depleting your energy but rather are enlivened by what you have the opportunity to do. Such an approach is helpful in both our professional and personal environments.
“At least 70 percent of all visits to the doctor are for stress-related ailments.”
from the blog, The Simply Luxurious Life

In the game of life, we all receive a unique set of unexpected limitations and variables in the field of play.  The question is: How will you respond to the hand you’ve been dealt?  You can either focus on the lack thereof or empower yourself to play the game sensibly and resourcefully, making the very best of every outcome as it arises, even when it’s heartbreaking and hard to accept.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the mind is our biggest battleground.  It’s the place where the strongest conflict resides.  It’s where half of the things we thought were going to happen, never did happen.  It’s where our expectations always get the best of us.  It’s where we fall victim to our cravings to control the uncontrollable.  And if we allow these thoughts and cravings to dwell in our minds, they will succeed in robbing us of peace, joy, and ultimately our lives.  We will think ourselves into deep heartache and even depression.
Truthfully, there’s so much about life that we can’t control, it makes no sense to waste all our energy on these things and then blatantly neglect everything we CAN control.
from the blog, Marc and Angel

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