Friday, July 7, 2017

The Small, Still Voice....

When managing life takes over enjoying life, we have entered a danger zone. And silence provides rescue.

From Harvard Business Review: “Real sustained silence, the kind that facilitates clear and creative thinking, quiets inner chatter as well as outer.

This kind of silence is about resting the mental reflexes that habitually protect a reputation or promote a point of view. It’s about taking a temporary break from one of life’s most basic responsibilities: Having to think of what to say.”

Isn’t that exhausting?

In conversations with your people or during prayer with the Creator, sometimes we need to listen more than interject. Find a good listener and find someone who practices silence often.

“When we’re constantly fixated on the verbal agenda—what to say next, what to write next, what to tweet next—it’s tough to make room for truly different perspectives or radically new ideas. It’s hard to drop into deeper modes of listening and attention. And it’s in those deeper modes of attention that truly novel ideas are found.”

When was the last time you practiced listening?
From The Sabbath Society, Shelley Miller

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