Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Whatever the weather....right?

I am the wrong person to answer that question. We have a few stellar days, then pay the price with a week of gloomy, damp skies. I mean, it is almost June! The quintessential summer month and it still feels like November outside (without the promise of Christmas just a few weeks away)! I love passionate weather, loud thunder storms with wicked, forked lightning, blizzards of mammoth proportions (well not really blizzards, but snowstorms), heat packed days that cool off in the evening with long, dusty shadows....but weeks of monotonous gray days that meld into nights of the same temp and tone...nope. Can't call that late Spring or early Summer. Just a no man's land of weather boredom.

And yet, I know this day, this day that looked just like yesterday and the day before, all without light and color, is still a day of great promise. I just have to look a little harder, past the weather, into the opportunities this day offers. And there is not a day on the calendar that doesn't bring the promise of surprise, opportunity, growth,  work and rest.

So, when I find I am stymied in any situation it helps for me to put pen to paper and make a list. A list of things I can do, should do, want to do. And if I do any small number of things on that list, if I take a moment and feel grateful that I am still here, able to work on my day...I feel better. Really better. The first step is the hardest when you are stuck, but momentum will be gained with each effort...until you are moving through your day with purpose and and a sense of privilege. To be alive, to experience this life, to have the freedom to choose among the many things you might do is a beautiful, fleeting gift. I am already sorry  that I wasted so much time whining about the weather. I am off to find the silver lining in this day's clouds!

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