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Sunday....a day of eagles, church and homemade soup

This morning started off like most of the mornings this week...damp and grey. I kept turning the air conditioner down to dry out the moist air in our house. I felt...damp and grey myself. What had started off the first of the week (cozy and housebound by the rain) gradually turned into lazy and moody. After church, when I could stand myself no longer, I made a trip to town for iced coffee, and whether by coincidence or the high octane coffee I drank, the sun came out, I hustled around and got some chores done, we walked our dogs under a blue bowl of a sky dotted with white puffy clouds soothed by a fresh breeze. I saw eagles soar overhead, a snake crossed the road in front of us and and our dogs were as happy as clams for our afternoon stroll. I came home with a different frame of mind, planned the week ahead and filled up on homemade soup.

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